12 February 2010

RichFaces editor: how to intercept the “return” key to submit a form

I'll try to write more on my blog and keep you update about every technique I use and that can be very useful to you as well.

Today I needed to submit a form with an editor element when the user pressed the "return" key (instead of creating a new line).

The code is not so complicate but as the rich:editor uses the TinyMCE component you have to search all around to find the right way. Better to have a complete solution.

It consists on creating an handler onKeyPress and call a javascript function (created by a:jsFunction) to submit our form. Simpler doing then saying it.

To read all the article click the following link:

Demetrio Filocamo


JBoss RichFaces 3.3 (book) -

Learn RichFaces step by step developing a sample application.

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JBoss RichFaces 3.3 - Introduction

An introduction to JBoss RichFaces framework and to the book JBoss RichFaces (Packt) by Demetrio Filocamo.

RichFaces is a very useful open source framework that allows you to add Ajax capability to your JSF application (using the standard JSF components) without the need to write JavaScript code and manage JavaScript compatibility between browsers.

You can read more about the book here:

New book: JSF 1.2 Components

Hi guys,
I'm going to read and then review for Packt Publishing the new book JSF 1.2 Components by lan Hlavats, the developer behing JSF ToolBox for Dreamweaver. The book is about the most important JSF component frameworks we can use to empower our application. So starting from the Standard JSF Components we'll go through Facelets, Apache Tomahawk, Apache Trinidad, ICEfaces, JBoss Seam JSF Components and JBoss RichFaces.

It is also technically reviewed by very know guys on JSF field like Cagatay Civici (PMC member of open source JSF implementation Apache MyFaces and the project leader of popular PrimeFaces framework), Ted Goddard (Chief Software Architect at ICEsoft Technologies and is the technical leader for ICEfaces), Kito D. Mann (editor-in-chief of JSF Central - - and the author of JavaServer Faces in Action - Manning) and others.

I'll come back soon with something to say, in the meantime you can download the sample chapter about the Facelets Components by clicking here, or buy the book from the Packt website!